The Credit Union Association of Rhode Island offers distance learning options ready for your busy schedule.

QuickBites (Telephone Conferencing)

QuickBites are interactive teleconference seminars designed specifically for credit union staff and management.  These low cost, friendly programs are designed to provide participants with quality, need-to-know information in a cost and time effective manner.  You and your credit union staff can receive vital training without leaving your office.  Instead, you can participate in quality training by industry experts via a telephone conference call.

Prior to the conference, you will receive, via e-mail, instructions outlining the dial-in procedures, a special toll-free telephone number, your PIN number, your handout materials, and an evaluation form.  On the day of the conference, gather all attendees around the speakerphone and enjoy the conference.  Can't tune in the day of the conference?  Your registration includes a 14-day audio archive feature.  Get right to the heart of the matter in a 1-hour session (2-hours for TeleCourses) designed to easily fit into your busy schedule.

Webinar and Webcast Sessions

All you will need is a phone line and an Internet connection.  Watch the presentation on your monitor while listening to the presenter on conference call.  You can interact with the presenter online or on the phone.  Handouts and log-in instructions will be emailed to you before the session.


For more information on upcoming QuickBites and Webinars, please review the Association Calendar.