Special Olympics of Rhode Island

The Association has established a very strong relationship with the Special Olympics Rhode Island since 1998.

Through a variety of events and activities, the Social Responsibility Committee through the Association provides a vehicle through which the credit unions of Rhode Island can combine resources to address the needs of more than 2,500 athletes who participate in Special Olympics. To gain a better understanding of the fine work that this organization does, please click on link to visit their web site www.specialolympicsri.org.


"Inspire Greatness" Calendar Winners

The credit unions in Rhode Island, in conjunction with the Credit Union Association of Rhode Island’s Social Responsibility Committee and Special Olympics Rhode Island, promoted a special fundraiser, the "Inspire Greatness" Calendar, to benefit Special Olympics Rhode Island.

The “Inspire Greatness" Calendars sold in credit union branches throughout Rhode Island from October to December and for each calendar purchased, participants received an entry in the raffle. Each day in January, a winner is drawn and a cash prize awarded. The list of winners below will be updated throughout the month. Thank you to all those who purchased calendars and good luck!


Date      Calendar #                     Name                                              Credit Union                                                          Amount
1                  537                     Katelyn O'Brien                          Navigant Credit Union                                           $500.00
2                  162                     Janet McAuslin                           Greenwood Credit Union                                       $50.00
3                  1017                 Carolyn Mucci                             Rhode Island Credit Union                                    $50.00
4                  74                        David Gremour                          Greenwood Credit Union                                        $50.00
5                  1325                 Gerri Walter                                 Special Olympics Rhode Island                            $50.00
6                  519                     Maria Nyzio                                  Navigant Credit Union                                                 $50.00
7                  412                    Charles Altonian                        Wave Federal Credit Union                                 $100.00
8                 1691                 Jennifer Mastrangelo              People's Credit Union                                                 $50.00
9                 1258                 Ruth Morgan                                  Westerly Community Credit Union                $50.00
10               1004                 Brian Benson                                Rhode Island Credit Union                                     $50.00
11               1683                 Emilie Caron                                  People's Credit Union                                              $150.00
12                930                   Lynn Autiello Fiore                   Rhode Island Credit Union                                     $50.00
13                144                   Holly Pettis                                      Greenwood Credit Union                                          $50.00
14                309                   Cheryl Gilmour                            Blackstone River Federal Credit Union     $250.00
15                 4                         Carolyn Smith                               Greenwood Credit Union                                          $50.00
16                1680                Jimmy Ford                                     People's Credit Union                                                   $50.00
17                 763                  George Fitting                              Navigant Credit Union                                                  $50.00
18                 160                  Michael Regine                            Greenwood Credit Union                                            $50.00
19                 307                  Kimberly Bouley                        Blackston River Federal Credit Union              $50.00
20                1747                Andre Mayer                                Credit Union Association of RI                             $100.00
21                  345                 Evan J. Gaccione                      Wave Federal Credit Union                                       $100.00
22                 1264               Joe Limanni                                   Westerly Community Credit Union                      $50.00