REAL Solutions™

The New Hampshire Credit Union League, Inc. has joined with credit union groups from all across the nation to support the REAL Solutions™ program.  This program taps the core values of the credit union movement to reach out to low wealth and underbanked households.

REAL stands for “Relevant, Effective, Asset-building, Loyalty-producing” Solutions.

REAL Solutions™ is a statewide initiative to help build financially strong, self-supporting families and communities by offering innovative services and programs that:

  • Offer affordable alternatives to high-cost financial products and services.
  • Reduce dependency on predatory financial providers.
  • Increase financial literacy.
  • Improve personal financial management.
  • Encourage saving and wealth-building.
  • Build creditworthiness.
  • Provide an avenue to personal financial stability.
  • Improve the financial and economic well-being of New Hampshirecommunities.


REAL Solutions™ offers important outreach to people with low or moderate incomes, new Americans and the "unbanked" – people who, without help from not-for-profit, member-owned credit unions – might be locked out of affordable saving and borrowing opportunities.

Through REAL Solutions™

  • New Hampshire consumers can gain the solid financial footing they need to remain self-supporting, contributing members of our state’s economy.
  • Everyone across America who is struggling to live from paycheck to paycheck can begin to build savings and secure assets that will help working families for generations to come.

REAL Solutions™

  • Isn’t any particular program or service – it’s a commitment by New Hampshire credit unions to offer financial solutions that improve the lives of their members and communities.
  • Has the potential to touch millions of lives.

For information on how your credit union can get involved, email Rob Kimmett, Senior Vice President, Public Relations and Marketing, or call 800-842-1242.

Click here to reach the National Credit Union Foundation's REAL Solutions Impact Center.