Credit unions generate earnings with Sprint while members enjoy discounts

The New Hampshire Credit Union League has joined with 42 state credit union leagues nationwide to bring this valuable program to member credit unions.  Currently, there are more than 1,700 credit unions participating in the Sprint program, with more than 1.3 Million members saving with this exclusive discount. 

This arrangement brings real benefits to credit union members who get big savings on their wireless services through the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan. Thanks to an agreement between the New Hampshire Credit Union League and CU Solutions Group, your credit union members can take advantage of this exclusive discount.

Benefits to Credit Union:

  • Effective tool to promote the added-value of membership
  • Marketing incentives for participation = $ for the CU
  • FREE marketing materials for statement mailings and lobby distribution
  • Requires little to no effort
  • Sprint  handles all member service needs

For more information on the Sprint discount, please contact  Dean Martino, Director, Business Development at 1-800-842-1242 or dmartino@cucenter.org.


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