Grassroots Action

The most effective communication with lawmakers comes directly from people at constituent credit unions.  When lawmakers hear from the credit unions that are serving the people in the communities that they represent they pay attention. The success that credit unions have enjoyed with their legislative agenda in recent years is convincing proof.  Assisting credit unions in continuing this proud tradition of grassroots advocacy is a cornerstone of the Association's legislative strategy.  Knowing how to reach the lawmakers that represent you is a key first step.

Locate Your Lawmakers

Election information

Of course, the most important step that you can take in playing an active role in our democracy is to exercise your right to vote.  Click here to help you or your members find the correct place to cast a ballot.

CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference

The Governmental Affairs Conference is a national multi day governmental affairs program that attracts thousands of participants from all over the United States.  For more information on GAC, please visit CUNA's website.

Hike the Hill

Hike the Hill is a grassroots program sponsored by the League and CUNA to provide credit unions with the opportunity to visit Washington to educate decision-makers on credit union issues.  When credit unions participate in Hike the Hill, they demonstrate that credit union support has a real face, real concerns, and real stories of how credit unions affect the lives of working Americans.  E-mail the League for more information.


CULAC is the federal political action committee of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). CULAC raises funds from individuals and uses its resources to support credit union friendly candidates who are running for federal office.  CULAC has been ranked as high as 25th among all PACs in terms of contributions to candidates seeking election to the U.S. House and Senate.

For more information on CULAC, please click here.

Project Zip Code

A basic component of effective communication between credit unions and elected officials is the strength in numbers of our grassroots membership.  Lawmakers make different decisions when watched by affected constituents.  To assist in demonstrating the credit union strength in every legislative district, a technology-based program to measure the number of members in state and federal lawmaker districts, based upon member zip codes, has been developed.  The value of this information lies in the fact that it is not limited by the main office or branch locations of a credit union, but rather based upon the location of credit union members.

By participating in Project Zip Code, credit unions will be able to determine specific U.S. Congressional Districts and State Senate and House Districts for every one of their members.  The implementation of a “district matching” process results in very powerful information to be used with state and federal elected officials.  It provides them with the total number of constituents, which are credit union members, with whom a credit union and other credit unions across the country regularly communicate and maintain a business relationship.

If you are interested in participating in Project Zip Code, then please contact the League office at (800) 842-1242 to receive a CD-ROM disk and installation instructions.