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Credit Union Association of Rhode Island

Phone: (508) 481-6755

(800) 842-1242
Fax: (508) 481-3586


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President/CEO |  Paul Gentile

Executive Administrative Assistant Dorine M. Kapp  

Senior Vice President - General CounselMary Ann B. Clancy  

Vice President - Advocacy |  Katherine Butler

Senior Vice President - Financial Affairs 
|  Paul E. Mayer

ControllerDawn M. Roberts  

Senior Vice President - Public Relations and Marketing 
|  Robert B. Kimmett 

Vice President - Publications and ConventionsMarguerite A. Thorsen  

Director - Communications and Community Relations Donna M. Bevilacqua

Executive Assistant, Marketing |  
Kelly A. Macjewski

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of NECUS, LLC |  
Bonnie L. Doolin

Senior Vice President – Professional Development
 |  William F. Nagle 

Vice President - Educational Programming
 |  John E. Morrill

Seminars and Conferences Manager
 |  Kimberly Zelch

Vice President – Compliance Services |  
Charlotte C. Whatley

Compliance Specialist
 |  Paul Silva

Compliance Specialist |  
Carolyn Eichler

Director - Business Development
 |  Dean V. Martino

Senior Credit Union Compliance and Operations Specialist
 |  Kathy Leveille 

Member Service Associate |  
Suzanne Knapik  

Executive Administrative Assistant
 |  Dorine M. Kapp  

Chief Operating Officer - Insurance Agency
 |  Robert F. Delaney, Jr.  

Employee Benefits Director
 |  G. Andrew Hollatz

Loan Protection Products Director
 |  William Smith  

Sales and Technical Support Specialist
 |  Lisa Costello  

Administrative Assistant - Insurance Agency
 |  Daunielle A. McNeil

Senior Vice President - Human Resource Management |  
Beverly Purtell 

Office Assistant/Receptionist |  
Kathleen M. Garland 

Office Assistant/Receptionist |  
Sue Gurley